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No service

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I have no service. Can’t make calls. Can’t revive calls. No internet. Has been going on all day 


Joining in

I have restarted my mobile multiple times and have taken out the SIM card and re entered it and still nothing

Hi Heroz13, 

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your mobile services looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

Issues like this can arise for a few reasons - 

  • Your spend cap is set too low, check your mobile Online Account to check this.
  • Coverage issue in the area, check here to see the checker - O2 Coverage Checker.
  • Faulty SIM - Please try the SIM in another handset to see if it still does not work. If it does work in another handset, then it's more likely to be a handset fault.
  • Your SIM was part of an Oomph bundle - If you cancel the Media aspect of this bundle, your SIM will also be cancelled. 

Please check these aspects and get back to me if any of them might be the cause of the issue.