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No service

Joining in

Good evening.

I have had no service for the last two days. I usually have a good signal within my home but this is now non-existent (I have no signal bars and the mobile internet is not displayed).

I have switched my mobile phone on/off numerous times and it still finds no signal. The carrier is definitely switched on, and I can see no reason why any of my settings would have changed.

I have tried to contact Virgin via Twitter to no avail. I obviously can’t call because I have no service. When I type my postcode in to the service status checker on the website it says there is an error with my postcode so I’m unaware it there is an outage in my area.

Is anyone else having these issues in the Tunbridge Wells area and/or can anyone offer any help?

Many thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi H_e_v10, welcome to the community! Thank you for posting!

Sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with your mobile coverage. 

Just to help us diagnose and support with the issue if you can please let us know the following:

-Since having these issues with coverage indoors have you also been experiencing any issues outdoors or in your local area?

You can check your coverage here: Coverage checker | Virgin Media by scrolling to the 'New plan or SIM' or 'Existing deal'. 

To search by your postcode please select 'New plan or Sim' to search the coverage in your area!

-Have you run through the troubleshooting steps outlined here? (Please let us know how you get on with these!)

-Do you have Wi-Fi and 4G calling enabled? You can see more about this here. 

Let us know how you have got on with these stages, and we will then offer further support!

All the best.