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No ring tone ringing BT land lines

Joining in

When ringing a BT land line ,from 2G phones, you get no ring tone BUT if you ring a Virgin land line you do. I think this is mast dependent .


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Edam, 

Thank you for your post 🙂 

Can you please expand on this? Are you having issues with your landline? Or mobile data?


When I ring a BT land line from my 2G mobile phones I get no ring tone

thank you for your reply.

Is your 2g sim with us? Can other people call your landline? Can you make calls to other people?


The sim is yours . If I ring a BT land line  like 0208 805**** ,which is a BT.  I get no ring tone but If I ring 0208 351 ****, which is a Virgin  I get a ring tone. the ++++ is to hide the number,

I dont have trouble making the calls its just that you dont get a ring tone ,when ringing a BT number, to confirm that you are making a successful call

Thank you @edam


Can I check if you have called multiple BT numbers that all have this error or is it only this one line? 


Can other numbers call the line OK? 

0208 804 **** , 0208 805 ****,  0208 363 ****, 0143 879 ****  BUT If I ring 0208 351 **** I get a ring tone

Are you able to confirm that these are all BT numbers?


Is another phone able to call these numbers at all? 

Another phone I use is switchable between 2/3/4G . If I ring the numbers when its set to 4 G there is no problem but if I switch it to 2G then there is no ring tone. Just using this phone to prove the problem .

Also I can confirm that the 0208 numbers are BT

And this problem has been reported by another forum member but they have called it dial tone rather than ring tone