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No phone service in corfu

Joining in

I have tried all the usual stuff to get connected, I had service for the first few days and now nothing, it’s always the same when I leave the uk, I really am questioning wether to leave virgin for EE


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Gerrian, welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that you have no service while in Corfu, when you say you have done the usual stuff to get connected can you please elaborate on what it is you have done so I can advise of anything else you can try?

As you have had service already it would indicate that the roaming service is active, have you tried performing a manual network search to connect to another network?



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Tried it all, hopeless service, can’t you be like normal phone providers, it’s always an issue when I leave the country, will be leaving for a new provider when back in uk

Hi Gerrian, thanks for your reply. 

Please, be advised when abroad you will always connect to the local provider's network (especially in countries like Greece where VM is not present and we offer services via partners networks only, e.g. Vodafone GR). Same thing would apply with any providers you're with when leaving the UK, for your information.

Would you like to advise on what you've tried so far to restore this, so we can then give you the next steps based on where you are with it?
If you let us know we can best assist with this issue depending on your feedback.

Happy to help out with this in the best possible way.

Forum Team

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