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No network jersey

I have been in Jersey since last Tuesday and am still unable to connect to any of the three networks so am without my mobile phone for the first time ever when in Jersey. This is my first year on Virgin Mobile, having previously been on EE and never had any problem at all. (I thought that Virgin were piggybacked on to EE).  I was away on a cruise last month and had no problems at all in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and phone connected automatically every time but this is just nightmare stuff.

i keep getting my voicemail notification popping up anything up to six times today but cannot access my voicemail and also cannot accesss it from a landline as it says my temporary code has expired and I need to call to reset it - well this won’t be happening as I also had to do this in Spain and it completely reset the voicemail and not just the password. This meant that I was unable to access any of my messages as they were all gone.  This was a nightmare scenario considering that I was on the phone from Spain for almost 30 minutes and that was after having spent 20 mins then getting cut off.

Unfortunately this is unacceptable as my mother is in a care home on end of life care and I cannot be in a situation where I cannot be contacted - looks like I will be cancelling both phones that I have on Virgin mobile as well as alerting my daughter who has only just signed up to Virgin.

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