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No incoming calls or texts since new sim swop 6 days ago

I swopped to the new sim last Monday and have not been receiving incoming calls or texts since then. After several attempts I spoke to an agent yesterday who said she was activating my sim, the line went dead and have since had no service at all. 

Had to then resort to tweeting as no other method of contact available (my mobile is our only working phone in the house at the moment) and was assured the sim activation would take no longer than 24 hours.

That was 25 hours ago and still have no service.  This urgently needs to be rectified, I need to be contactable by family and work, am a lone parent of a young child and my city is about to go into a local lockdown, so can't even use a family member's phone to contact you on.  Extremely poor timing in my opinion to roll out compulsory sim swops in the midst of a pandemic when contact is vital.

I had been considering upgrading my 3 year old phone but am now completely at the end of my tether with the very poor service and support level Virgin Mobile have provided.  At this rate, once (if ever) the sim gets activated I'll be requesting a code to leave the network asap.

Please urgently respond.

Thank you.


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