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No audio when roaming

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Please can someone provide a telephone number for a senior manager at Virgin Mobile. My Wife and I have the same issue as many others. We have no audio when receiving calls when we are roaming. We are abroad 3 months of the year. We have spend hours with the technical team changing many settings. We have installed new SIMs provided in December. It was confirmed by moderators on this forum in November that VM are aware of this fault and are working on a fix. The fault still exists. I have no choice but to leave VM and join a provider whose roaming service works. But I cannot reach anyone to help me. I was actually just cut-off now by the telephone service when I asked to speak to a senior manager. Please can a moderator help me? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi and_wise, 

Thanks for taking the time to come back to us in the Community. We're sorry to hear this issue is affecting you. 

As you've already mentioned in your post, we are aware of this and the teams are working on this however as the masts used abroad are not owned by us, it is something that is proving difficult and more complicated to resolve. 

We understand how frustrating this is for you however regardless of whether you speak to an agent or manager, there is nothing anyone can do currently. We can only advise that we are aware of this and working on it. 

Once we have any update, we will of course let you know. 

Apologies once again. 


Forum Team

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Up to speed

Hi and_wise,

Are you abroad at the moment ? if so do you have a network connection but with the usual no audio on incoming calls? The usual advice from Virgin about using the Sim Application option to change from Automatic to Manual/International is no longer valid as the option has disappeared. I posted about the fact that it was missing here - ( it isn't solved, I just clicked on a reply by enlli to indicate that it was helpful.)

Solved: Sim Application option missing - Virgin Media Community - 5239361

and added more information on here - 

Virgin Roaming not working on iphone in India - Virgin Media Community - 5240212

Enlli advises that Virgin will be using O2 for roaming once all customers are transferred to O2 -



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Re: Sim Application option missing


@Smoggy239 wrote:

Hi Natalie_L,

There is a post by milindshanak from yesterday regarding roaming not working in India, he was unable to find the Sim Application on his iPhone and he cannot get service. It would be nice if Virgin Mobile customers could go abroad and their phones would just work, like and other provider's do, and did not have to mess around with settings to get service.



The way roaming works will be changing when Virgin Customers are moved over totally to O2 and will be on their systems.

Virgin roaming has always been via a proxy network because as a virtual network they have no roaming agreements of their own.



Thanks smoggy,

Yes I'm abroad, I've largely been abroad since September. No tech fixes or settings preferences or SIM changes have worked. I've been trying with various VM people for 2 months. I thought I'd already been switched from the vodafone partnership to the O2 one - but either way, I can't stay with a provider whose roaming service doesn't work. I have a signal when roaming, incoming calls connect ok, but with no audio in either direction. Outgoing roaming calls and mobile data use are both ok.

As you know, the issue is posted all over this community and is acknowledged by VM as a fault being investigated. I'm back in the UK in Feb and have arranged for PAC codes, so I can find a provider with a proper roaming service. Good luck all.