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No Virgin network on mobile

Dialled in

For some reason, I can't make calls from my phone and it simply says "Not registered on Network". My wife has the same issue. The problem started a few days ago and it is incredibly frustrating as we need to stay connected due to illness.

I have tried restarting my phone, removing the sim and reinserting and testing all of the service providers shown in the available network list and still nothing.

I have mobile combined with our broadband and my wife pays for hers separately, if that makes any difference.

I have no idea how to contact Virgin mobile without my phone.

Help is very much appreciated!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MrZed, 


Thank you for your post. 


Sorry to hear that you and your wife are experiencing the same problem here - not good. It's odd that it has happened to both phone which would lead to me thinking this could be an issue in your area. I know you've mentioned being ill, so I am not sure if you've been in any other area to confirm if this is the case also? 


Please let me know as I can take a look into this for you. 




Hi Ryan,

It would seem the entire area is affected and has been for some time. I still have no available network and the entire experience has left me with very little faith in Virgin Mobile. I finally managed to speak to someone at Virgin and was informed improvement works are being done. I find it outrageous that we had no prior warning we would lose our service, especially as the problem has continued for over a week. 

Hi @MrZed


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Good afternoon to you, sorry to hear about your network issue. Glad to hear you've managed to speak to someone and they've advised this is being worked on. Please do keep us updated with how you get on in the mean time.


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause



Forum Team

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Hi, I still have no service and the issue was supposed to be resolved on the 8th. what is annoying is i cant make calls to contact anyone at virgin on my mobile. I'm having to use my son's phone to type and post this as I'm not getting any data either.

Hi @MrZed,

I'm so sorry you're still having issues. Due to the nature of technical faults, the estimated time of fix can be pushed back. 

Have you checked the coverage checker for any updates?

Forum Team

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