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No Service abroad in Italy

Joining in

I’ve seen a few other posts about this but none of the answers have worked for me.

I landed in Italy a few hours ago and never received a ‘Welcome to Italy’ text from Virgin Media. I wasn’t receiving any texts at all (not even while connected to wifi as I needed an authentification text to log in to an account) and I didn’t have any service even while in the city. I have not been able to use data, only wifi.

I have tried:

  • restarting my phone
  • turning roaming off and back on (both on my device and my virgin media account)
  • changing my ‘SIM application > roaming > automatic > restart’
  • changing my ‘SIM application > roaming > manual > international > restart’
  • searching for updates in About for the carrier

I can’t even call customer support because I don’t have any service. If anyone has any other ideas or tips please let me know! I have the virgin media plan that allows me to have the same data usage in EU countries as it lets me in the UK (and I haven’t maxed out on my data limit).


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello carrotstyx, thanks for posting on our help forum today.

We're sorry to hear of all the issues faced with your mobile service from us while abroad.

Could you please check here where you can review all the info in regard to roaming and using our mobile abroad?
Please, have a read there and let us know if you've tried all possible fixes and still getting the same faults?

Also, let us know how much allowance has been left in your mobile account online here?

Please, check the above and see if you need more help with this problem - you can also call at +44 7953 967 967 for our customer support while abroad if preferred.
Kindly let us know and we're happy to assist further with this.

Forum Team

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