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No Local Mobile

In the ST15 area we have been without phone/SMS services for nine days.

My previous enquiry was met with 'nothing Virgin can do, it is an EE problem'.

EE simply sent out emails stating that the problem was taking longer than expected and then a further email stating that there would be no further updates until the 15th.

Has anyone got the faintest idea what is going on and when I can use my phone again whilst at home (90% of the time due to disability) ?

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Re: No Local Mobile

Sorry to say, but Virgin Mobile don't operate the radio network, so all they can do is relay whatever EE are willing to pass on. EE are the network operators who will have the fault ticket for whatever is going on there, but you're not a customer of EE.

If you were with EE direct, you'd have access to WiFi calling to be able to call & text over a WiFi connection even if you have no signal whatsoever. I hope it's sorted for you soon, but there's really not a great deal VM are likely to be able to do here.