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No 4g since returning from abraod

Joining in

I’ve just returned from turkey and have no service 

I initially received a few calls when in turkey but then it stopped, I just assumed it wasn’t set up right and would be ok once back home. I can’t phone Virgin to sort it as no service whatsoever just Wi-Fi 


someone please help 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello danicaking21


Sorry to hear of the problems experienced with your mobile since returning to the UK, we appreciate the confusion this has caused and you raising this via the forums.


Since returning, have you rebooted your handset? If you leave it off for 5 minutes it will search for the network when turned back on and should automatically connect if set up to do so in the settings. You can also check this and run a manual search to see what networks are available. Are you able to access the app to see if you have exceeded a spend cap?


Please let us know.



Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried turning it off and back on but only off for a few seconds.

I did reach a spend cap, I’ve paid off the charges this morning to clear what was outstanding.

I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you danicaking21 to get this looked into further 🙂