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No 4G Again!

Joining in

4G signal keeps dropping- told by VM its because they are moving to O2 checked coverage for O2 and Vodafone in my area and absolutely fine.  I live less than half a mile from two masts.

Spoke to VM yesterday and they weren't bothered to be quite honest - customer service was rubbish.  My husband is on VM and is fine, stopped SIM over to his phone same issue, asked for a new SIM but VM won't send one.  I have 18 months on this contract to run and will cancel if this continues as too unreliable!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the SIM issue faced Janny55,

Welcome to the community. 

May I ask is the issue only occurring around your home or anywhere you go?

Let us know,


Only have H+ - where as my husband is on 4G 

Happens in home and out and about too

Thanks for the response, 

Has this only happened in recent weeks at all?




Thanks again,

Just to clarify, did the team complete any check/diagnostics at all?



yes, tried switching on off, in airplane mode, reset settings 

swopped my husbands SIM to my phone all ok - no issues - mine in his same problem - I am no technical expert but seems like the SIM card.  Can you send me one?

I need a reliable signal as my father is unwell and needs to contact me - sometimes it says emergency calls only 

No worries, thanks for the responses.

To investgiate this further I've dropped you a PM.

You'll find the message within the purple envelope icon.