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New virgin contract

Hi there

Currently I have 4 mobiles with Virgin and the contract is in my name. My son, who is using one of the sims wants the contract in his own name i.e he wants a Virgin contract in his own name  the help pages on line suggest he can only do this and retain the same number by switching to another provider.

I think there must be another way - any ideas Virgin?

Otherwise you might be losing  customer!


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Forum Team
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Re: New virgin contract

Hi Chowhowe, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

So this can be done and your son can stay for Virgin but it does depends. 

What we'd need to do is change the number to PAYG, as long as it's out of contract. Register it into your sons name and then credit check him and set up a new contract, if the credit check fails then it would stay as PAYG. 

This can take a few days to complete as well so there might be some loss of service. 

If it's something you're keen to do sadly we can't do sales from here so you will need to give us a call on 789 / 0345 6000 789. 

Let us know if you need anything else. 

Emma_C - Forum Team