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New sim can make calls but not receive

Hello. I got a new purple sim for my new 4g mobile at the weekend, but it will only make calls and send texts, and cannot receive them. Anyone who tries to phone me just gets 'number unavailable'. 

I've called customer service several times, but each time they give me totally different advice and no-one has been able to help. One lady did speak to the technical people, who said there was a known problem with the network (not my sim or my phone) and they were working on it. Surely if its a known problem, there must be something they can do?

I have two sick elderly parents, who rely on being able to contact me at any time. I also need to organise my own work etc, and am really struggling. 

I can't go on like this, and will have to switch to another provider if it's not fixed soon. My life is rapidly turning into chaos and I'm not getting the service I'm paying for.

Has anyone else got the same problem?

Does anyone know of a solution?

Is there any way to speak to a technical person who can actually resolve the issue? 


PS I found some older posts from people with the same problem earlier this year, but nothing to tell me how to solve it. 



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Re: New sim can make calls but not receive

I had the same issue about six months months ago when I received a replacement SIM. Could make but not receive calls. The SIM was supposed to be pre-activated, since I no longer had the old phone or the SIM, but wasn't fully working. Did you follow the instructions in the package to activate a new SIM? Can't remember exactly what is required but I think you had to do something in your online account to request activation and it took upto 24 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays). Otherwise you'll have to phone 789 and be persistent. Ring before about 4pm and you've more chance of getting somebody who knows what a phone is for.

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