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New sim. SMS not sending

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I have a new sim, successfully installed and PAC my number over. However, some people get my messages with the SIM card number on them when im using data and they can't reply unless they use the SIM card number. I can't send messages to many people unless using WIFI although I can access and use WhatsApp app, Internet etc. Any ideas please?



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Mel02, 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your new SIM, we will do all we can to help. 

In order to understand, are the recipients receiving text messages with the full SIM number on them or are they receiving the text but from a different number?

Do let us know and we will be happy to help. 




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Most recipients receive texts and calls from my number I brought over. A few receive texts on the full SIM number but I don't get these when they reply back. They have to reply to me using my ported over number. 


Thanks for coming back to us with your update Mel02. Are the users that are having issues replying to you on one network or various networks?

What device are you using and are you able to try the sim via another handset?

Kind Regards,