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New phone

Can someone please tell me the truth regarding my new phone. I ordered an Iphone 12 & Ipad which was meant to be delivered on the 13th of November and less than 24 hours before delivery i was emailed to tell me there would be a 2 week delay. After a week i phoned VM to check on the status of my order and i was told that i would receive it the following week and hey presto it did not arrive. Last weekend i received an email saying we hope to deliver your new phone in the next 5 days and hey presto nothing  has still arrived and i am really unimpressed with the customer service you are providing. I am missing calls for my business as my old phone keeps dying and not holding charge and it is reflecting badly on the way i run my business. Now will someone tell me what the hell is going on. If need be offer me an alternative iphone 12 and tablet deal. One thing is for sure you need to replace or fully retrain your whole customer service department. 

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