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New phone returned to sender

Joining in

I have just ordered 2 x new phones all set up good to go. Logged into YODEL this morning to check the delivery and it arrived at my local depot this morning. Now it suddenly says returned to sender! Why would this happen??? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JoanLee1951,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your mobile delivery looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to offer some advice.

Usually this happens due to either of these following aspects -

  • Incorrect information given when processing order.
  • Failed credit check.
  • Security checks needed - if the team can't contact you about this they will usually cancel the order to protect you from what they deem may be possible fraud.

I can see from our side you have recently spoken to our mobile team, were you able to get further help from them?

Let me know, I will be happy to assist if needed. 



Well yes, I’ve spoken to them and they’ve reordered one of the two devices and I now have to wait until these cancelled ones are returned when they shouldn’t have been cancelled in the first place!! Apparently the security team have tried to get hold of me. Nonsense. No one has called my landline or mobile. They’re telling me someone has rang my mobile. This has not happened. Now I’m phone less until these decide to arrive as my phone has completely broken. I also have had my granddaughter take time off work for delivery. This is an awful experience

Hi Joanlee1951,

Thanks for coming back to me about this, I do understand your frustration and I am sorry this happened at such an inopportune time. 

I am glad they managed to get one of the devices processed for you, this should be with you soon. 

As for the returning devices, please keep us up to date once you've spoken with sales again and ordered the other handset. 

We will be here to help if you need us again.



But you haven’t helped, 

this entire process is extremely poor customer experience and is an actual disaster  

Hi Joanlee1951,

I am afraid there is little that we can do from here as you would need to wait for the handsets to be returned, then you'd need to speak to the sales team to process the second phone. 

I can create a complaint case for your poor experience which we can do over a PM, I'll send this over to you now. 

However, I won't be able to help quicken the process or process the sale of the second handset. 

Speak to you soon.