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New phone having 1Gb Data Only contract

I have recently ordered and received an iPhone SE 128Gb as part of a 3 year mobile contract for £22/month. In the sign up screens, the option selected was 1Gb data per month and unlimited minutes and texts.

Now that I've received the phone, I can't make any calls or send any text messages. Checking the account, its saying its a 1Gb Data Only contract, and there is no allowance on the call minutes or texts. I don't know how this came about, as there was no option available when signing up for a Data only plan (why would you not want minutes and texts included on a phone?)

I've contacted support first through the text message help service, and then finally called 789 to speak with someone. They have advised that the only way to resolve this is to send the phone back to them, so they can cancel the contract and issue a new phone with a contract that does include minutes and texts. This seems a bizarre way to solve this problem which is all just related to the account, not the iPhone (which is a generic device).The support team seemed to insist this was the only procedural way to resolve this.

I have seen a few other posts here in this community suggesting this has happened for other users, where they are getting a data only package after signing up for a new contract. It seems there is a fault in the ordering process that is somehow attaching data only sim cards to mobile phone contracts. Even more strange is that its the same price £6/month for a 1Gb Data SIM card with or without minutes and texts.

I really don't want to have the phone to be sent back as its been set up and ready to use. It would also cost Virgin to have the old and new phones couriered back and forth, not to mention the fact that I've unopened the phone box so this is now considered a used device (they can't resell it as new).

So I'm hoping this post will get the attention of someone within the Virgin Media mobile team to try and see some sense in getting this problem resolved without having to ship phones around, as it is an inconvenience all round.



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Re: New phone having 1Gb Data Only contract

This has now come up several times. Strange as Virgin don't normally do data only.

I'll escalate to the team for you


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Re: New phone having 1Gb Data Only contract

Also confused how this is happening 🤣

They do data only SIM's if you purchase their Mobile Broadband at £39 for the portable WiFi Hub , but these only start with 3gig plans.

Only other thing I can think of, is that they are supplying plans meant for purchases of their Tablets ?

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Re: New phone having 1Gb Data Only contract

Hi chrisbude,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community 🙂


I am really sorry to hear you have been sent the wrong SIM; I am also really puzzled as to how this has happened. To my knowledge, we don't even offer a 1GB data only SIM, so it's a strange one.


I've sent you over a PM so I can look into the account - please find my message over at the purple envelope.


Many thanks,



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Re: New phone having 1Gb Data Only contract

Seems there is no resolution for me instead, they want me to return the phone and sim so they can reprocess the order, but doing so I will lose the number I ported to virgin media that I had forever! For a mistake they have made I have to pay for...

Being on 30-days rolling I though I could just return my number to my old provider and they said that doing so will leave my account without a SIM and I will have to pay for the remaining balance on the phone, disgraceful!!!

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