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New User after Roaming Info please

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Hi all,

New member looking to join up for a monthly contract package with the 25GB for £9 Plan.

I would like to know what are the fair policy usage for EU Roaming side, from my understanding I will be only able to use my 25GB even if it rolls over, Is this correct ? 

I am planning a trip to Greece in August this year for 2 weeks and wanting to benefit from getting a better deal for using my phone while away, so will be wanting to move to a new network that allows me to have more data abroad without the extra charges with my current network. So being a new customer is there any issues with me joining now and then heading to Greece so soon in my new contract (3 months) and then being able to use my full data usage abroad ?

When i come back i can see me not needing to use this level of data as I currently only use around 1 GB a month it seems. 

Any help and advice would be great as i am reading so many conflicting stories on what would be allowed.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Anonymous,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Great to hear you are looking at getting a SIM with us, our fair usage policy only really applies to our Unlimited data SIMs, as you have looked into getting the 25GB SIM, this will be your usage, anything over would incur the usual roaming charges. 

You can find a lot of useful information about roaming here.

Thanks. Joe

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Thank you for the fast reply, Can i just point out which is why i posted to confirm as being new I read a few posts and on this post it saying that staff say you do not get this -

This is why i wanted to ask as it seems different staff have different answers and my concern would be if i do join up and then in the 3 months time go abroad and i find out i get a larger bill i would be rather unhappy and where would i stand then ? as if going by whats posted from yourself would you refund me any moneys due to incorrect info ?

Thank you for your time once again.

Hey @Anonymous,

Sorry for the confusion with regards to this, that was my mistake.

The information provided via the link is correct, and what is provided via the fair usage calculator is what would be free before you get the supercharge added onto the account, that link provided as well as the roaming hub from myself should help with any further queries.

Apologise for the confusion. Joe

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Ok thanks guess best not join then as thats going to be to low for 15 days abroad. 

Thanks for time. Can i ask how i can remove my account please.