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New Sim No Service Pay Monthly

Hi Virgin Community,

I received a new SIM from Virgin as part of their recent network update. However, after inserting the new SIM into my handset (iPhone 7), and following the instructions to turn off and on my phone, I have No Service and can neither make nor receive calls or texts or use my data roaming. 

I cannot call Virgin Media from my handset, as it has No Service, and don't have a landline. I have borrowed a friend's phone on two occasion to call Virgin and, after waiting around 90 minutes on hold each time, STILL haven't had this resolved. I was told to turn off and on my phone again and to wait 24hrs for SIM activation. It's now be 6 days and I haven't been able to make or receive a single call.

I need my phone for work urgently and cannot go into a Virgin Media store to sort this out as they are now permanently closed in the UK. Help!

The handset is unlocked so that isn't the issue.

Would appreciate a prompt response.


Thanks in advance,



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