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New Services from Virgin Mobile

Hello, so I'm a returning customer to Virgin Mobile and I've returned because I upgraded my home services to the new V.VIP package which includes a free unlimited Virgin Mobile Sim, I've been back with V Mobile now for 3 weeks, being a V.VIP customer I get UK Customer Services, and I have to say I have found them to be excellent..

Ive had to contact CS a few times from my Mobile because I've had issues registering my mobile number to an account, basically because my email address has been registered before! each time I've called it's been a UK CS agent who answers, the first agent who I spoke to asked me about returning to Virgin and how I'm finding being back, I told him I do miss the wifi calling feature I had with Three, his reply was ah well we have some new services arriving soon, so maybe that will be one of them! He said they hadn't been told exactly what new services were coming! I've since asked 2 other CS agents about this and they also said yes new services are coming soon!

So I'm wondering what new services people would like to see? I have 3 I can think of..

1, Call Forwarding

2. Wifi Calling

3. Access to the 800mhz and 4G Calling!

Hopefully exciting new features our heading our way! 🤞🏻


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