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New Samsung S20 with free Bud+

I am moving to Virgin Mobile and have ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.  There is a choice of getting it with or without the Galaxy Buds + and I chose to get it with the Buds and you pay £1 more per month.  Due to the current situation the phone is not due to be delivered until the end of April and I have just noticed on the Virgin Mobile Store that on the phone I selected it mentions that to get the Buds you have to install the Samsung members app on your phone and under the Benefits section provide details of proof of purchase and this has to be done between 10 March and 12th April.  I don't currently have a Samsung phone so can't install the app. If I don't do this by the 12th April will I not get the Buds?  I tried to register on the website and can do that but I can't then register the new phone as I don't have it yet.  As I selected the phone with the buds I don't want to miss out on getting them.  I just wanted to check that I will still get them even if I don't provide the required details by the 12th April?


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