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New Purple Sim - do I HAVE to use it?

Hi I've been sent a new 'purple sim' like many people and have seen all the various comments about problems on here.

I had really bad trouble with getting my sons phone up and running with his new sim and I really don't want to go through all that hassle again. 

So what happens if I don't swap it over? And just throw it away?


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Re: New Purple Sim - do I HAVE to use it?

Nothing, just keep using the old sim and your service will continue on as before. Don't put that purple sim in your phone or do any of the activation instructions they give you as it downgrades many services, despite them telling you it's an upgrade. Keep it in a safe place in case you are forced to downgrade to it at some point in the future.
I wish someone had advised me to do that before they conned me in to taking out a 12 month contract with the purple sim that I now seem unable to get out of. 

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Re: New Purple Sim - do I HAVE to use it?

Hi Sheljo,

Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community.

At the moment you can stay on your old SIM as this will not cause any issues and the new SIM we sent out will deactivate after 30 days.

There will be a time where you will need to migrate over to the new purple SIM.

Take care,


Forum Team

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