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Network Key - New 'FREE' sim card

I can see from what little info I found from Virgin and the web, NETWORK KEY is being misunderstood as Unblock code, Unlock code, Sim code etc. and it seems to be a long-standing problem.

3 identical phones, 2 phones are now ok, thanks to a call to 789, being given a NETWORK KEY and then a SERV PROV code, but third phone has had two keys which didn't work and now says LAST TRY!. I don't know if that means there one more try or that's it.

Customer Services need to be told how to deal with this. I kept being asked where I'd bought the phones without being given an explanation.

From a previous post and what I've found on the web, it looks like my 'Virgin' phones are possibly 'locked' to EE network. A solution seems to be to get an ASDA EE Sim card and leave Virgin and presumably lose credit, if the phone is not now permanently locked.

Far from being a 'FREE' Sim, I've already wasted £6 on calls and texts, Virgin and my time being wasted and I could be further out of pocket for a new phone. If so, will Virgin compensate?

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Re: Network Key - New 'FREE' sim card

Hi Pumas, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums.


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the phone, can you confirm if you are still having this issue?


Can you confirm the make and model of the device you are having issues with?



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