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Need urgent help to connect when roaming in Germany

Tuning in

I'm in Germany, using Roaming. Today the service disconnected after working fine for a few weeks and I can't restore it... .I switched on Airplane mode briefly now I can't reconnect. Have tried all recommended fixes to no avail and am finding it very difficult to speak to anyone at Virgin. As I have no service, can't text..trying WhatsApp but no one replies. Phonecalls last an hour with no answer. Help!


Joining in

I’m in the same boat been waiting for a WhatsApp message for ages, can’t even call them because I have no phone service at all. 😞😞

Hello there. Have you had any suggestions from anyone as to fixes? I know there was a major Virgin Media outage in the UK today, but it shouldn't have had any effect on out mobile service. WhatsApp won' even connect me..what WhatsApp number are you trying?

Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back the WhatsApp number I got off the website was 07305 327112. But nothing came from it it just said waiting for a representative to reach out to me and that there are very high volumes of customers at the moment and that was about an hour ago. 

Same thing here, but have now waited 5 hours...I see that sometimes Virgin actually reaches out on this site but everyone seems to be asleep... Have you had roaming at all and it stopped, or not been able to connect at all?

I had service for a few minutes in France this afternoon but nothing since then. 

Seen occasional "refreshing sim data" messages popping up which I guess is related. 

Ive had roaming all fine yesterday (when I arrived) and then it all cut out today in the afternoon

I'll let you know if I get anywhere..let me know if you get through. Sounds like something might be up with the system..

Will do, I’m really hoping things will be fine tomorrow morning because I really need my phone to work magically just came back. I'm lucky enough to be in a place with Wifi connection, so did a bit of surfing and it seems to have blown the bubble out of the pipe. Fingers crossed that it stays. It would seem that there was a general problem...