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Need proof of purchase asap, no email response after 1 week.

Joining in

I need a receipt/proof of purchase for my iPhone, I have already filled in the form and sent it to however after 1 week still nothing.

Really not sure what to do...


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello rec_78


Sorry to hear you're still awaiting a response since raising your proof of purchase request, we appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Was the form completed this one and sent to the email address? These are usually responded to within 24 hours of receipt, have you checked all email folders for the address on the account? We'd also recommend checking any Junk/Spam folder you may have. 


If you requested this to also be sent to your insurer this will have been completed at the same tme.



Thanks for your quick reply!

Yes that is the form I filled out and sent. I have sent it twice in 1 week and still received nothing in any of my email folders (spam/junk)

Okay no problem I think the delay could be down to festive period, please so wait a few more days for the team to catch up I am sure they will reach out when they can do.

Please do keep us updated. 

Matt - Forum Team

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