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MyRates discount on 0845 numbers?

Tuning in

I get the MyRates discount as an employee. 

I haven't got access to the intranet at the moment but I just made a huge mistake and called an 0845 number instead of an 0345 number. 

Can anyone tell me if the MyRates discount covers calls to 0845 numbers? I know it does for international calls and additional minutes etc!


Thank you in advance, here is hoping!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BobMorningstar,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you have called an incorrect number which has now made you a little concerned you have run up a bigger bill, I will be more than happy to help further and look into this for you, at least giving you the information so you know if or not to expect extra charges, I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the purple envelope to accept.



Hi Paul, thank you. 

I don't really need account specific information here, I can look into it when I am back in the office.

I just want to know if anyone can confirm if 0845 numbers do get a discount like everything else does on the MyRates service. 

Hi @BobMorningstar thanks for getting back to us.

I am going to send you a private message.




Tuning in

If anyone comes to ask this question again, I have an answer as I just read my bill after I posted the question!!

It DOES give you the discount on 0845 numbers!

At least it did at time of writing this!

Hello BobMorningstar,

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you weren't charged for the 0845 number.

Guessing you have Anytime chatter on the account then?

Main thing is you know the answer now.



Hi Gareth!

Just to clarify here:


I have MyRates discount on my mobile package due to my work with the company!  Which means that I get 80% credit towards airtime and calls.  This covers calls over my minutes and even international calls but I had never tested it with 0845 numbers before so wasn't sure if this would be included as obviously the business called takes a cut of the charge.

But, it does!  The call came to £18 but I got 80% of that back as a credit.  Happy!

Thanks for the clarification BobMorningstar.

Sorry I was presuming you were referring to a landline, But hey it's all happy days now.

At least in future the 0345 number is the one you need to use, And that is only charged the same rate as calling a landline.

Have a great day. Were always here if you need any more help.