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My switch to O2

Tuning in

In January I was contacted by Virgin Media. The agent was very pleasant and polite but she had a very strong accent which made her a bit difficult to understand at times.

She was offering me an upgrade to my Virgin TV service, which is another issue on another forum, and also an upgrade to my Virgin Mobile phone. The upgrade to my phone would increase my mobile data from 2 to 10 Gb and a price increase, which I accepted.

However, what I didn't realise was that this involved a move from Virgin Mobile to O2, the first I knew about it was when I started to receive emails and messages from O2.

Secondly, I didn't realise my number had been changed, I only realised that this had happened was when I received an email from a friend asking why I was not responding to calls and messages.

These issues, while irritating, were not major. However the third issue is another matter. Despite the fact that I switched to O2 in January / February, I am still being charged for my Virgin Mobile phone. I have been more than patient over this matter but I have yet again been charged for a SIM that I have not used since January or possibly early February.


Up to speed

What you should have really done was text PAC to 65075 from your Virgin SIM to get a code that you give to o2. This would then move your original phone number to the new SIM the next working day and close your Virgin Mobile account to avoid future billing.

While Virgin can sell you o2 Volt products now, they can't actually access accounts so didn't move things over for you. The lack of joined up account management has caught a few people out in this way, hence you've ended up with two accounts on the go at the same time unknowingly. 

Just to complicate things further - If you don't close your Virgin Mobile account soon, Virgin are actually in the process of migrating all Virgin Mobile customers over to the o2 brand - Meaning you'd end up with both your SIMs on the o2 network soon too. 

To clarify though. If you want rid of your Virgin Mobile account, you'll have to cancel it yourself. If you no longer want to keep that number anymore, then STAC to 65075 will give you the service termination code instead. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Reidy1987


Thank you for taking the time to post in regards to your recent conversation with the team, package change and subsequent confusion. We appreciate you raising this via the forums.


As Koda has advised, when the changes were made it should have been arranged for the number to go over to O2 which would then close the Virgin Mobile account, we're sorry this wasn't the case. Have you been able to follow the steps laid out to get the number transferred?


Let us know if you need assistance with this.



I do not recall being told before about sending PAC to keep my number. I am now using my new number and there are too many complications involved in switching back.

Another question. My wife's phone had not yet been switched to O2 and is on the same account as mine. Is there any way I can cancel only my number and leave my wife's until it is switched?


If the Virgin mobile number is still active and the number you're using is the one given by O2 we can give you a PAC code to transfer it over Rediy1987? This will mean you're using the same number and the Virgin Mobile account being closed.


In regards to your wife's number, that's is fine. You can cancel yours or transfer it and nothing will happen to your wife's number 🙂



I'm sorry, can I just clarify? If I request a PAC will my old 07406 number be transferred to O2 and replace the number I was given by O2?

Thanks again.

Yes thats correct Reidy1987, the pac will enable you to transfer your existing Virgin Mobile number over to O2.

Kind Regards,


Thanks, final question, hopefully. Do I request the PAC code from my Virgin number or from my O2 number? I'm sorry, I'm just not used to doing this.

Thanks for coming back to us Reidy1987 and its no problem, we're here to help. You would need to request your PAC from Virgin Media you can find more information about how you can request your PAC including via your online mobile, the information can be found here.

Kind Regards,


Hello again Sreven.

Sorry for the long delay. I was unable to finf my Virgin SIM and had just about decided I had kist it when I remembered where I had out it. So I am now ready to request a PAC code from Virgin.

My naive question is, how do I then give the code to o2? I have never had to do this before.

Thanks again, Jim