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My sin card is busy - try again later - no network problem

Tuning in

Hi all, 


Can I ask for help as I've got that message:


Sim card busy, try again later. 


I got no network signal phone calls or messages going through me. 


I have reinstalled sim card in the slot and also tried to clean it but no success. 

Please help me out as I can only use WiFi and none of emergency virgin contact numbers are working. 


I can't find option for live chat with someone as well. 


I'm desperate for help. 

Visca el Barca

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @djdinho86, thanks for your post here in the community although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised.

At this stage, it's hard to differentiate if it's a SIM or Phone issue, have you been able to try the SIM in a different handset at all to see if this has helped?

I'd also recommending following this link to see if you can exhaust issues that might relate to your phone - please come back to us if you still need any further support following these checks.

Many thanks