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My mobile data is refusing to connect to the internet

Joining in

For some strange reason two days ago my data completely stopped being able to connect to the internet I have tried everything that I can find to try to resolve this even including factory resetting my phone.



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Very Insightful Person

Have you checked the APN settings?

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Yes I have

Good Morning @Alex07, thanks for your post and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues with the data services.

Can you please confirm if sliding the services to 3G will allow you to access the data?

Is this happening just when you're at home, or in multiple locations?

Kindest regards,


This is happening no matter the location and switching to 3g does nothing.

Thanks for the swift response @Alex07, can you possibly screenshot the APN settings you have saved for us?

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Thanks for coming back to me @Alex07, the APN settings look to be fine - albeit a little tricky to see on the black background...

Is there any scope to try the sim card in a different handset, to see if the fault follows the sim card?

Kindest regards,


At the moment I haven't got that opportunity.


Thanks @Alex07, before we go through the a private message, something that has sprung to mind, do you know if you have any data left?

Do you also know if you have a spend cap on the account that is greater than zero?

If you don't allow extra charges on your account, and you've used all your data, you would be blocked from using data as this would incur a daily charge of £3.00 per GB.

Kindest regards,