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My Account Website Slowness

On our wavelength

I appreciate that everything Virgin Mobile is essentially moving to O2 and perhaps they are winding their account management infrastructure down but can someone please tell the IT folk that the old Compaq 486 with 8MB RAM that Doris found in the corner while having a bit of a clean up before she is shipped off to O2 towers is not suitable for running the account management portal from?

Perhaps the slowness is Doris's revenge for being sent to work in Slough but, I mean, 'cmon at least upgrade the server to a Pentium 2 and give us a fighting chance.

Today, I put my password in, clicked login, went and made a cuppa, let the dog out and visited the bathroom. When I got back after a good 3 or 4 minutes the red circle was still spinning and Firefox was still waiting patiently for the data from

(I get that everyone here is a customer, but I can't be bothered to deal with VMs other channels and perhaps the forum team can pass it onto someone? It's been like that for weeks across different browsers, connections and locations. The app works fine, it's just the account website)