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Mobile top up not applied correctly to my account

I am posting on this forum because I cannot bear to make another hour-long phone call to Virgin 789 without success. I have been trying since 11th November to get my mobile top up corrected. On 20th October I topped up £10 as usual, and in the following month November I should have received unlimited calls to landlines and 120 minutes to mobiles. So far I have been charged for every single call. It should be a simple thing to correct, it happened once before in the past and was sorted easily then.

On 11th (17mins), 13th (1hour22mins), 14th (44mins), and 15th November (1hour12mins), I have talked to someone at 789 (I won't give all the details). Since the 15th (before calling 789) I have also been unable to login into my account. The last conversation on the 15th, I was told that IT needed to sort everything out but they don't work Sundays so they would look at it on 16th and it would be sorted by 19th or 20th latest. I was also told that there was no need to call back. Clearly that is not the case as since that call, I have tried to login every day and checked my balance every day, and neither has changed. Of course I haven't had a phone call either.

I really just want the credit I purchased applied correctly to my account. Virgin let me buy a credit but then will not give it to me. I don't particularly want a phone call because every conversation the person just tries to sell me something I don't want or need. Why would I want to buy something else from Virgin when they cannot even supply what I have already bought. They try to tell me what is best for me. What is best for me is to correct the problem I called about.

Why can't Virgin sort out a simple problem?

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