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Re: Mobile texting abroad

@BenMcr wrote:

@teabag wrote:

When you do have an online account setup, it would be best if you reset roaming yourself before going away again - while in the UK, turn roaming off for 24 hours and then switch back on and also check International Call Barring is turned off, should only need doing the once and not every time you go away 🙂

You can now also control roaming in the Virgin Mobile app 

As it's authenticated via the SIM, you don't need to register for an online account to use it

It would just be the International Call Barring you need the online account for then, too check it's setting.

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Re: Mobile texting abroad

Ok, finally got through to the help desk!


Account issue is now sorted and I have one up and running!


No issue could be found as to why I couldn't send texts as all is well with my settings.


Checked the online account and I have International Call Barring - Off and Roaming - On.


I just need to pop back over to Turkey and make sure it now works Smiley Very Happy


Many thanks for everyone's input.