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Mobile payment

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  • I’m wanting to pay off my handset early, is this an option and how do I go about it? 

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Call them on 789 From your Virgin Mobile phone. There's a slightly different process depending upon if you're on a Classic or Freestyle contract. What happens next to the plan differs depending upon this so they'll explain how things work.

No matter which type of contract you have, it's always possible to make an early settlement though. Just with Classic contracts your device and SIM are all in one contract and you'd be liable to pay the whole thing off. With Freestyle contracts you have a SIM only contract plus a loan for the phone. With these you can pay just the device and be left with your SIM only at a reduced price afterwards - Meaning you can keep paying less, or upgrade to a new phone at any time with no additional fees for doing so early once said device loan is paid off.