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Mobile order parked

Joining in


I ordered a phone on a monthly contract on the 17th of October and it´s now the 19th and it´s still listed as 'Parked' and says the Customer Service Team will be in contact.

Noone has contacted me and I´m finding it difficult to contact Virgin to ask about it.

Can I somehow find out what the problem is?

Thank you,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @FritzVonMayer

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us. 

Apologies to see that your order has been parked. Usually this means we need to double check a few things with you before we can accept the order. The team will be in contact with you however please check to see if you have received your contract and agreements and sent those back to us for us to process. 

If you have not received them, double check your spam and junk folders and let us know if you still can't see them. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Thank you for the response.

I have checked my email again today, including the spam folder, and I've gotten nothing yet.

Thank you for checking this @FritzVonMayer

We can take a look at our side to see if there is any further information for the order. Please join me on private message so I can locate your account and pass account security. You can see your private messages at the top of the page, in the envelope icon. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent