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Mobile online account access

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My elderly dad appears to be on a monthy mobile charge. He has some credit left. He thinks he added a card to the account over the phone this morning. He used to top up with cash and he thinks he has not used a card before.

He wanted to top up with that card but it would not work.

We cant log into his account online as he does not remember password and the memorable data.

If i try to reset password, i get a " Oops! That wasn't quite right" message.

When i try to register incase he didnt have a account, it tells me to ring 789 to change password...

People on phone cant help as he cant remember the memorable data



One of the phone agents said there was a card on the account but cant say which for security reasons.

How can i reset his password so i can see whats up? Tried on diff browsers and pcs but the Oops error remains.

I assume he has a online account as the montly charge email comes.



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Joining in

After clicking send on the captcha, the error comes.

Hi @BirbL86 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies you are having issues regarding your fathers account. Can we ask has your father or yourself ever been able to log into the account or is this the first time?

Keep us updated.


He says he has not ever needed to log into the account online so probally no BUT if i try to register a new account on that email, it says i need to ring  to reset the password, which i cant as he cant pass the security as cant remember the secret stuff.

Hi @BirbL86 👋

Thanks for letting us know that. The registration process would need to be completed first 👉Register Virgin Mobile.
Once registered then account access will be there to do what is required.

Please let me know how you get on.


As i said before i cant, it seems to think there is already an account. But i cant reset the password as he cant rememer the secret data

The pic shows what happens. I dont have a password to put in, and if i put a new one in, it gives this message. All i can enter is his number, which i have cropped out


Hi @BirbL86 👋.

I think in this instance we are going to have to bring you into a private message so that we can look into this further. Look out for the message in the envelope, if you are using a mobile device, then the messages are under your profile icon.