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Mobile data - very slow

Joining in

My mobile data is very slow doesn't matter where I am and what phone I use. This happens since I started using the sim card first time. Settings in phone are fine and my partner got the same problem with his virgin sim card. How can i solved this? I can barely watch YouTube. 


Not at all. It's amazing to see those speeds.

I'm jealous now and wish I hadn't been so tight!

I don't need 500mbps, but that not the point. Would be great to have it 

Which network which obviously couldn't be virgin did you get those speeds on?

Smarty (on 3). I moved to them from vm about 6 months ago. I knew 3 were about to switch on a 5g mast less than half a mile away from my house. 

Nothing helps... tried to restart phone... factory reset phone... manual networking it... dont know if theres any problem with the network. Im not a virgin mobile emplpyee. This O2 merge fundeld us over. There will be a lot of people leaving because of slow speeds

Heres one from 3 minites ago




Hey jphobbs, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some slow mobile speeds.

Please can you let me know if this everywhere you go or just in this one location? 

How long has this been going for, since we migrated you over to the O2 signal? Thanks

Matt - Forum Team

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