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Mobile data - very slow

Joining in

My mobile data is very slow doesn't matter where I am and what phone I use. This happens since I started using the sim card first time. Settings in phone are fine and my partner got the same problem with his virgin sim card. How can i solved this? I can barely watch YouTube. 


I have  Already sounded  out a new contract with  talk mobile,  £10 30gb pm on Vodafone network  with 5g,WiFi calling  so looks like I will be  moving  also  😀  thanks 

Good Afternoon @JimmyJimJim, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the slow speeds on the Wi-Fi dongle.

Is there possibly any scope to place the sim card into a mobile phone to see if this provides you with a faster speed?

Kindest regards,


Hi David

I have tried this and its made no difference.

I have also now tested my 02 data and another Vodafone Data package at this address and although the results were much better still no where near what I was expecting. 02 and Vodafone speed test on showed at about 10-15mbps on a mobile device with 5G enabled.

Virgin have sent me a 4G Dongle and have suggested I could receive speeds up to 150mbps. This is absolute rubbish I feel and maybe achievable in "Lab" conditions but not in the real world.

EE offer a 5G wireless Router and they are considered the leading network and they only advertise up to 100mbps on a 5G enabled router. How Virgin can claim up to 150mbps on a 4G dongle is beyond me and seems quite unrealistic.


I will seek alternative routes for my needs.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

We are very sorry for any failures to deliver the speeds advised. 

Can you please confirm which device you are using to run the speed tests? 

Have you been offered a SIM replacement to test? 

Let us know and we will be happy to help. 




I give time till the next galaxy phones coming out after that im jumping ship


Hi MugenGT,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see your Mobile Data isn't hitting the expected speeds, have you tried doing a manual Network search on the phone to make sure you are on the correct one, are there any known issues on the Network which may be causing this?



On our wavelength

Lol. So as promised in one of my rants above I have now ditched Virgin mobile and taken up an EE essential plan.

Before putting in the EE sim I checked the Virgin sim and got a garbage 4.3Mbps download speed.

EE sim is a whopping 109.5 Mbps (and YES, wifi was turned off on my phone!).

Unbeliavable. Virgin, hang your heads in shame for the shower of garbage you've become.

As mentioned previously, this isnt about a bad signal in one location, but rubbish speed from Virgin wherever I went so it cant be blamed on that. Also I was sent a new SIM to rectify the issue, but that didnt change anything.



 109.5 ... That's slow.

Lol. Yes by some standards it's slow because I couldnt justify anymore than the EE Essentials plan which only allows speeds upto around 100Mbps.

Point being for the same kind of money it is MUCH FASTER than Virgins poor comparison.

Enjoy your fast speeds!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist posting that. Not on VM though of course.