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Mobile data very slow/sometimes non-existent.

Tuning in

For several weeks now I have been experiencing a problem with mobile data connection being either extremely slow or just plain non-existent (even though the 4g symbol is showing in the top corner of screen). Handset is iPhone 13 pro

This seems to be particularly bad in my place of work even though the virgin mobile coverage checker says the service should be excellent indoors and outside. Other areas (e.g. home) are affected too with speeds and connections slower and very erratic (drops in/out a lot). No known faults/maintenance come up when using the service status checker.

So far I have tried...

  • Network settings reset
  • Handset reset 
  • Airplane mode on/off
  • updated iOS software version twice in the affected period. Now running 16.0
  • Handset erase (factory reset)
  • New replacement sim card
  • New download of data settings by texting VM and installing download file profile
  • Switched sim for my work phone sim card (EE network) to rule out hand set issues. Things were fine using the EE sim card.

Data connection was reasonable when I first took out the contract but in last few weeks something has without doubt changed and now my phone is practically un-usable at work which is making life very difficult. I am missing important imessages, emails & whatsapps.

When I toggle airplane mode on/off I will get a very short lived reconnect then within minutes things have reverted to terrible.

I have waited a good while to see if this issue would be resolved by VM but nothing has improved. I have several colleagues at work on O2 and VM who are experiencing the exact same issues so I do not believe this is anything to do with my hardware, but must be a network or mast issue.

Help please!


Tuning in

Screenshots of occasions where 4g is showing on top corner of screen but no internet connection is possible (or is so slow it's virtually unusable). 





HI Danielss, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forums 🙂 
I am so sorry to hear about and see the issues you are having with your service, thank you for providing the screenshots and all steps you have taken.

Have you tried a different handset? Did anything happen 7 weeks ago like an update or anything that would effect this?


When I tried my work phone SIM card in my handset I swapped my VM SIM card into my work phone. My work phone then experienced the problem issues. This seems to rule out a handset issue. As mentioned, I have also received a new replacement SIM card from VM which is now in my phone and this has not cured the problem. 

I do not recall a single event prompting these issues, such as an update as you mention.  

Similar thing happened to me. It turned out that VM have switched me to the O2 network which is very poor in my area. I'm very cross about this having just renewed my contract for 12 months under the assurance that I was with Vodaphone network.

I would need to take a look further into this for you, I will pop you over a PM.

Keep an eye out for the purple envelope.


How were you able to determine that you’d been moved over to O2 network? Currently I have no idea which network I am receiving my service from…

Thank you. As part of your response please can you confirm which network I am receiving my data connection from?

I would specifically like to know which network I started out on and if any changes to this have been made during the course of my contract i.e have I been switched to the 02 network? 

Trouble shooter

Virgin are moving all customers to O2 by the end of this year, most have been moved now and that's almost certainly what has happened in your case. O2 is not a good network for data in many areas. They have too many users and not enough spectrum (capacity), and have now added 3 million Virgin mobile customers to an already struggling network. 

I see… does this make for sufficient grounds to request an exit to the contract penalty free?