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Mobile data slow or not working

Joining in


for the last few months my iPhone 12 has pretty much stopped using it’s 5G capability which it’s been using fine for at least 6months and places where i used to get 5G I’m now lucky if I get 4g most of the time I seem to be running 3G which when I do leaves me u able to use any of my mobile data I can’t use WhatsApp check socials or anything when I’m running on 3G when I do eventually get a 4g signal back it’s very slow

i have checked all recommended settings reset my device etc and still no change any recommendation would be helpful 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Helenb88

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry to hear of the data issues, fully appreciate the frustration here.

Can I ask, has a manual network search been done on the handset?

If at all possible, are you able to try the SIM in a different handset to see if it happens on an alternative device as well?


Forum Team

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Manual network search says virgin and SIM card in another phone makes no difference 

Thanks for your reply @Helenb88, I'm sorry to see that this issue is still persisting when you have tried the sim in another handset. This would indicate this is either a sim or network issue.

So I can assist with this further I am going to send you a PM to confirm your details.



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