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Mobile account password strength

Hello, I am not really sure where to post this, so sorry if this is the wrong section. I currently have a Virgin Mobile account and due to security scares, I have been looking to beef up my passwords and account security.

When it came to changing my Virgin Mobile account password however, I was quite surprised to find that it only allows weak passwords. When I try to set a password using special characters it throws up an error.
It says that a password has to be between 8 and 10 characters in length (which is short), must start with a letter, must contain a number and can't have any special characters.

I don't need to tell you that in current times, an 8 - 10 character password only containing letters and numbers is a fairly weak password.

I know there isn't much that you can do to help me, but can you please pass up the chain to whoever deals with the password restrictions for the Virgin Mobile website, that they need to change this as soon as possible and maybe add two-factor authentication as well

Seriously, the Virgin Mobile website is way behind the times on password strength and account security.

I have no idea if the main Virgin website accounts has the same issue, I only have a mobile account and can't currently get your other services in my area. So this is only to do with the Virgin Mobile account website.

Thank you