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Mobile Tariff changed without my request or approval and cost gone up 25% - PLEASE REVERT ME!!!

I have four 'SIM only' phones on Virgin mobile, on a tarrif called "4G 1500mins + 1GB". 
this costs me £6.79 per SIM, per Month. The deal I have is.  

" Your current plan
4G 1500mins + 1GB = £9.79

Double Data Promotion 1
Effective: 29th Jan 2017 to 1st Jan 2037 = £0.00
(I also benefit from 'Data Rollover') 

Monthly tariff discount £3
Effective: 29th Jan 2017 to 31st Dec 2099 = - £3.00

Your monthly cost: £6.79 "

I know this is a cracking deal and one that i never would think of coming off.

I recently contacted customer services to inquire if there was a way of adding more data to this.
I was told I was on a good deal and there were no better alternatives for a similar cost. 
I said thanks and that i would be staying as I was.

Imagine my shock and disbelief when I checked my bill recently to see that one of my SIM's is now on a new tariff "Unlimited Mins + 2Gb' costing £9 a month.  
This is exactly what I am getting with my 1Gb + 1Gb (Double data promotion until 2037) but at a 25% hike in cost???

I did not request or agree to any change in my tariff. Due to the current situation I do not want to tie up a phone line contacting Virgin Mobile with this, so please could a member of Virgin Mobile staff contact me to sort out reinstatement of my existing tariff.  

Thanks and regards




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