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Mobile Contract Changes


I changed my mobile contracts over the phone on Saturday, with a very nice lady I presume was in the Phillipines. I was planning to leave but wanted to know what could be offered before I did so.

There are three mobile phones in my family, mine, husband's and son's but all held under different accounts (all still in my name).  She said she could amalgamate them all into the one account and put them on the Family Plan meaning I'd get £4 discount for the 2nd and 3rd mobile.  I was happy with this as I would only be paying slightly more for a lot more data as we were on very old plans.

She moved the account for my son's phone to the main account first. She then changed the contracts on all three phones. When she tried to amalgamate the last account she said she couldn't as the accounts were now shown as pending. I was advised to wait until the 23rd (the day after my allowances renewed) then phone again to ask for the last account to be amalgamated with the other 2 numbers. She put a £2 credit on the account for the first month's family plan discount for the phone that was still held under a separate account.

However, when I have checked the account, it says one phone is eligible for family plan and the other isn't and no £2 discount has been taken off the second phone. I have also had no confirmation of my change of contract by email which I was expecting, though I can see they're all pending on my account.

If there is no family plan discount as I was promised these deals won't be so good compared to the other companies I was looking to go with. I'm also very wary of phoning on the 23rd as she has advised in case there's no record of the agreement made on the phone. By this time it may be too late to cancel and leave.

Can you please check this for me and send confirmation of all the things that were agreed on the phone with the operator for my peace of mind.


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Re: Mobile Contract Changes

Hi Gill79,


Thank you for your post. 


I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had with your Mobile numbers and contracts. 


To be able to investigate this further what I will need to do is private message you. 


Please keep an eye out for this. 



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