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Mobigames nightmare

Got sent a text the other day welcoming me to Mobigames and confirmation of a £2-3 a week 'subscription'. Never heard of this place. I don't even play games online or do anything like that.

Didn't think much of it at first but the paranoid side of me made me search Google and I quickly discovered several stories of people being sent similar texts and real money then being added to their bill.

I phoned Virgin explaining the text and asking them to block this company from taking money from me but they told me to call back after my bill was produced instead.

Bill turned up today and lo and behold, £10+ in mysterious premium rate charges have appeared!! Phoned Virgin and they refused to do anything about it. They said contact this 'Mobigames' but why should I pursue them when that could cost me God knows how much time and money? One guy online has documented how he had to chase the firm for weeks by several means before getting any kind of response.

Any one else experienced this?

If Virgin don't sort this I'm off. I'm not paying money to scamsters for things I never authorised or gave my permission for.
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Re: Mobigames nightmare

Hi Alexgthegreat,


perhaps you subscribed without realising? - Clicking on a "bad" link or not checking an opt-out box somewhere on a web page.

Texting back "STOP" or  “STOP ALL” (to the short number - check your received text or look on your bill) should end the service.

I would also enter the number into EE's Third Party Services Checker to see if it provides contact details for the company.


You could then contact them directly to unsubscribe and request a refund.

Or try this site: Phone-paid Services Authority. They are the UK regulator for premium rate services.


AlexKid :-)

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