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Missold Virgin Mobile contract (O2 account set up without permission resulting in Default)

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I've seen similar posts, but not identical, so I'm hoping for some help as to explain how this happened and how Virgin can help to resolve it as soon as possible.

I am a long-term Virgin Media customer, when they signed me up for my package, they convinced me it was cheaper to go for the bundle including a "free" sim card, I never even activated this sim, as I already had an O2 account and was happy with (data, perks etc).  In September 2023, I started receiving payment reminders from O2 for an account I didn't recognise (I was an existing O2 customer for 15+ years), I rang O2, went through security (using my account details) and they said this charge wasn't recognised and to ignore it as a suspected mistake/scam...

Fast-forward a month or two, I started getting notifications on my credit report (I follow them for security), that I had missed O2 payments, so I went round again calling O2 and getting the charges removed, it was a huge pain, but they said they had "credited the closed account" to stop this continuing.

This week, I've just got notifications of a default on an O2 account!  I'm currently writing to all the credit checkers to dispute this, but it's such a pain and seems like it'll take a long time to remove this mistake for an account I never agreed to set up.  How is it possible, Virgin could just set an account up without explicit permission?

Any help on how to resolve this quickly would be appreciated, I've been going around in circles with O2 support and credit agencies trying to remove the default.  I also lodged a complaint with Virgin at the time and laughably got a letter through the post saying they were "glad the situation was resolved" and closed the case!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @brasco__ 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your SIM. All SIM's with us have migrated over to O2 and as such were then charged by O2. Any that were part of a bundle would have the equivalent charged applied as credit to the Virgin deal to compensate this. We also sent out letters to effected customers to alert them that this has happened. 

Have you spoken to O2 at all about the SIM?

Hi, thanks for the reply,

The issue wasn't with the SIM (I never used the VM one or the O2 one), it was the O2 account itself, created without my permission, the SIM was cancelled as soon as I called O2 and explained I had not created the account.

Thank you for popping back to me @brasco__ 

I'm so sorry if I'm misunderstanding I just want to make sure I have it correct so I can best advise, do you mean an online profile was created for you? 

Or do you mean that you were unaware that an O2 SIM had been set up at all?


@Ashleigh_C wrote:

Or do you mean that you were unaware that an O2 SIM had been set up at all?

Correct, at the time, I had no idea an O2 Sim had been set up and that I was being transferred, it was only when I got started getting bills from O2.  I often ignored the Virgin Mobile emails because, as I mentioned, I had never even activated the Virgin Mobile SIM, but I was told when signing up to the Virgin Media bundle that this would be cheaper than if I went with no "Free SIM".  So I'm trying to work out the legality of transitioning me to a different mobile provider without my explicit permission.

Thanks for getting back to us @brasco__  

I am sorry if you did not receive your notification. I can say with certainty that we did send notifications to all of our mobile customers regarding the transfer to our partners at O2. I am really sorry if you did not receive yours.