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Misled. missold and overcharged

I have been charged £10.33 per month for a monthly contract phone since the 10th December 2017.

Below is the contract details direct from Virgin Mobile site:





Your current plan

4G 5000mins + 20GB

30 day rolling contract


Lifetime Double Data

Effective: 10th Dec 2017 to 31st Dec 2099


£10 Lifetime Discount

Effective: 10th Dec 2017 to 31st Dec 2099

- £10.33

Monthly tariff discount £2

Effective: 10th Dec 2017 to 31st Dec 2099

- £2.00

Your monthly cost: £8.33

Having made an enquiry over the telephone the advisor agreed I had been missold and misled. Now I am looking at ALL FIVE mobile phones that have direct debits coming out of my account as a reaction to seeing EIGHT direct debits leave my account NONE of which I believe are the charge for the harware itself.

There are ELEVEN direct debits on my account, now i would have thought this should be TEN as there are FIVE handsets and FIVE contracts.

So i need someone from the UK to call me to discuss as currently I believe there is an more than one issue here.

I am digging deep in to my services and contracts with Virgin Mobile purely and simply because of the debarcle and poor support received over the Roam Like Home facility i recently posted about. Add to this according to the advisor Albert, FL support ID B7824127 I am no longer entitled to support from Virgin call centers, I understand BOTH calls this morning were recorded according to the advisors i spoke to.


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