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Migration to o2

Dialled in

Has anyone been migrated over to o2 plan and billing yet as I've still not heard anything yet and everything is still virgin mobile 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Not heard a lot. Expect it will start picking up  It goes on for most of the year as moving 3.5 million subscriber is bound to take time

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Dialled in

So has anyone that uses this forum even successfully migrated over to o2 yet as no one has replied with an answer yet 

My dad has just gad a text with a migration date for 13th May and he is hoping it goes straight forward as he goes to France at the end of May and needs his phone to all be working OK....I'm presuming if he has any problems then he could go into his local o2 shop for help

I've still not heard anything re my account yet


Hi suechapman, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

The migration will be done in the background and on the 13th May service will be lost for a short period and they the sim will migrate. 

You should not notice any issues. 

Please let me know if you have any issues after the 13th May. 


It's my dad's sim thar is being migrated on 13th May and as he is off to France at the end of May he is just concerned that it will still work OK after the migration but he does have a o2 shop local to where he lives so I've tried to reassure him that the swap over should be OK as his virgin sim was one of the purple ones that virgin sent out a while ago when you were upgrading sim cards from the red ones but any problems I've told him to pop into the o2 shop 

If his contacts are stored on the sim card will they stay there or will he need to move them onto his phone storage

The sim will work as normal, we can ensure the roaming is switched on before he goes abroad. 

He can also go in to the shop if there are any issues. 

This is the network and will not have an impact on contacts stored on the sim. ^Chris. 

He is 82 years old so he is not that tech savy but I've tried to reassure him all will be OK 

As for going abroad he has never had any problems with his phone as all the settings for roaming are all correct for abroad and your saying that those settings will be the same abd won't be turned off through migration 

They should remain the same but we can check these after the migration for you. 

Please let us know if there are anhy issues and if so please contact us and we will be able to look into this further for you. 


Thank you for your answers 

I've told him if he has any questions after the move the o2 shop shoukd help him out and I'm sure that they woukd be able to check the roaming settings for him once his account is o2

No worries, if you need any further assistance please let me know, Yes they should be able to check these for im. 

Kind regards, Chris.