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Migration over to o2

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My dad has his migration date to move over to o2 plan today 15th may so he left his phone on all sunday night and into today and he has just had a text message saying that they could not do the migration so they would try again next month and would be in touch with another migration date , he will be in france from the end of may through till 5th july so when he gets the new date to be migrated that wont happen as he will be abroad so what i want to no is that will he just get another message saying migration could not be done as he is aborad and they will try again in yet another months time or will they send out a new o2 sim card to him and if this is the case would he loose service in the meantime or will his existing virgin sim carry on working until he gets home and puts the new o2 sim card in to his phone 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello suechapman.

Thanks for asking the question regarding the migration. 

Sorry the initial one failed.

Looking at this now from your Dads point of view, I will need to send you a private message to see if we can get this migration pushed through.

If you can check the envelope top right of your screen that would be great. 



There is not a private message from you at the moment , but i can say i dont have any passwords for his mobile account 



Hello again, That's strange

We can also ask alternative security questions to pass security, don't worry.


I would just like to no that if it fails again due to him being abraod will they try a third time the following month and will he keep his mobile service 

Thank you for those answers suechapman.

I have passed the details over to be investigated and see if we can get this migration pushed through before your Dad goes to France.

As soon as I have an update, I shall let you know.


Its ok we will just wait and see what happens next ...theres no need for this to be investigated 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello suechapman.

I just wanted to update the post publicly to help anyone else that is having the same issue.

I have been informed that any remote migrations will only be done in the UK. So if the migration happened whilst your dad is away. It will still mean the service remains active.

Hope this answers your query.




Thank you for your help today