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Mandatory SIM did not turn up?


I've just joined this community because I can't seem to find any way to talk to a human on Virgin Mobile.

I have called 789 far too many times and every option seems to want me to press 1 for a link to be texted to my mobile phone, the link is always the same and I can't seem to speak to a human if I don't press 1, it just hangs up.

I have tried looking at the website  but I can't find any working option to tell them that my order did not turn up, the link to go to that page specifically for orders that didn't turn up just get "oops we can't find the page you're looking for" and then a generic list of help options, all of which don't apply to me. 

This is not an order I have placed but one Virgin Media did for me. It was sent on the 5th of July I got this message notifying me of my new SIM.

"Thanks! We've ordered your shiny new SIM - it'll be on its way shortly."

Granted I've forgotten about it until today when I got this..

"Important: You must insert the SIM we sent you recently in order to make any changes to your account, including requesting your PAC via SMS."


I'm at my wits end  so I'd appreciate any help or input you guys have. I just would like to speak to a human but I guess because of covid I can't?


Thank you so much


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