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MCK Code For Virgin SIM Card - EE Phone - Samsung Galaxy S9


I was switching over my EE sim card to the new Virgin one that I just received and I put in what I thought was the correct code (taken from the card that comes with the sim) into the text box when prompted but it kept coming up as invalid. So I tried the 'security pin' on it and still nothing - that's when the sim locked and came up with the alert of "needing an MCK number to unlock the sim card".

I've trawled through forums and Google but haven't had any luck. 

Wondering if anyone here could help? No idea where to get an MCK code.

For context:

- Phone still works with EE sim 

- Virgin sim is locked until an MCK code is entered 

- EE contract is finished but soon to be cancelled once this is sorted

- I've begun the process of unlocking the phone through the EE app

- I've got the PAC code but can't use it until this sim is unlocked


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Re: MCK Code For Virgin SIM Card - EE Phone - Samsung Galaxy S9

MCK is a Samsung handset lock code that is needed where a phone is locked to a specific network and an incorrect network unlock code is entered too many times.

It has to come from either the network that the phone is locked to - in this case EE, or if they don't have it then it would need to come from Samsung.

Virgin Media can't unlock a phone they haven't sold themselves directly.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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